A new find

It’s always pretty exciting when you discover a new venue that your kid can play in. Especially when it’s indoors and costs next to nothing!


We were walking around the nearby shopping mall and chanced upon a little play area that had been set out for the kiddies. We were really excited when we saw it! It’s been quite cold and wet recently so finding somewhere which is nice and warm and kid and wallet friendly has been quite a challenge.

The area is quite simply decked out with a few flipping block puzzle features…



And a bright yellow car right in the middle of the space which a little someone could not resist climbing into the car the moment she set foot on the mat!


Bugs was super keen to sit in the driver’s set and spent most of her time fiddling with the steering wheel!


I think she’s trying to tell us something here – i’ll leave it to Daddy to tell her she still has a long way to go before she can start driving for real!


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