Adventures at the square

I was feeling a bit adventurous today and decided to head to Federation Square with Bugs to search for a play area that I was told where kids could roam free.


It was quite exciting as it was the very first time I’d actually visited Federation Square! All I’d known about it before this visit was that it was a funky, artsy space with some cool eateries. So this visit was a real eye opener for me!


When we entered the Square, we were confronted by a pile of giant cardboard pebbles. Turns out there was a kids activity called “Ants” going on right in the middle of the square! The kids had to act like ants and transport the “crumbs” (that’s the pebbles) to a secret location to store away for the winter. It must have been lots of fun judging by how enthusiastic the kids were in transporting the crumbs!



When we finally found our way to the play area, we were greeted by this massive wall of graffiti at the entrance!


I thought it was such a cool idea that the Square allowed anyone to draw or write on the wall! Bugs was really taken by the wall so I decided to help her leave a little mark by using one of the pens the Square had supplied! Can you spot what I’ve drawn on the wall in the photo below?


The play area was such a fun space I’ll have to share about it in another post – probably when we visit it again I think!

I’ll end off today with a wise quote a little person had left behind on that graffiti wall!

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cupcakes, and that is kind of the same thing!</



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