And the beat goes on

Oooooh did I miss something yesterday? The cold medication and my stuffy nose knocked me out the moment my head touched the pillow! There was no blogging yesterday but in place, some much needed rest which made the cold feel a lot less severe. Which is always great on an absolutely sunny day like today!


We headed out to Petty’s Orchard for a look see once breakfast was done and dusted. I’d heard about the place from playgroup and had been quite intrigued by it. An actual apple orchard close to the city? This I got to see!

It took us half an hour to reach the farm. It was pretty interesting to see how the scenery change dramatically as we drove along. We passed a huge Westfield shopping centre and ten minutes later, everything looked very country!

Our little car travelled on a narrow mud road for a short distance and passed by some extremely large and luxurious houses. The roman pillars, the glass domes, the tennis courts, the palm trees, for a moment, it seemed like we were in Beverly Hills!

A few moments later, we finally arrived at our destination. Given that it was winter, the apple trees were all bare. Still, it was interesting to see then neatly lined up in straight rows.


On site was a really cool organic shop and cafe selling a wide variety of fruits, veggies and organic produce.


Like these really colourful bunches of Dutch carrots…


different types of potatoes for spud lovers out there….


And of course apples!


It was pretty busy at the cafe when we were there. The place was obviously a favourite with the locals, judging from the conversations that the owners were having with them.


We didn’t hang around for coffee but we did pick up a nice box of organic produce, including a large bottle of organic apple juice to round up our trip!


We’ll have to visit Petty’s Orchard again once the weather is a lot warmer. Hopefully there’ll be apples on the trees then!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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