Flower power

Hooray! It’s Sunday! We spent a lovely day out and about with Bugs’s god mum today at the one and only ArtPlay!


It’s difficult to really explain what ArtPlay is. It’s kind of like an artistic space, provided by the state government, to get the kiddies and families and just about anyone passing by Birrarung Marr involved in arts. Best to understand ArtPlay by going through one of their activities I think!

There was a little exhibition about a lady and a unicorn going on…


But the real highlight for us at ArtPlay today was a little arts and crafts session to make flowers! The aim was to fill up this mural with a thousand handmade flowers!


There were a variety of flowers we could make, with instructions provided and the resident artist on hand to guide you. I chose a simple flower to assemble….


While Godmum chose a very fancy iris pattern to try her hand at!


I was pretty pleased with my flower, especially after I had a little help from the resident artist with the stamen bit and sewing it on to the mural.


Godmum’s flower was technically more complex than mine! Lots of cutting and sewing and taping was involved before it finally got mounted on the mural!


The end result was really impressive, especially considering that we were amateurs at it and did it in a few minutes!



The mural did look like it still had a long way to go in reaching its goal of 1000 flowers when we left. Hopefully they’ll get there soon!



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