Monster madness

Oooooh the winter flu monster has certainly come down hard on me this year! I’ve gone through my second box of tissues and lost count of how many glasses of water with a bit of squeezed lemon I’ve consumed. Yet the dreaded cold bug is still working its way through my system – first it was my nose and now my throat, hopefully the end is in sight!

Unfortunately being a stay at home mom means that one does not get the luxury of taking sick leave. It’s business as usual over here, stuffy nose or not!

Thankfully there were some nice activities which I could bring Bugs to and not travel too far out, especially since it was a struggle handling a dripping nose and carrying Bugs and the shopping at the same time!

Bugs had her dose of Scooby Doo fun at the local mall yesterday. You heard me right! Hanna Barbera’s famous pooch – the one and only Scooby (Dooby) Doo was in town to thrill the kids!


The kids in the mall (myself included) looked particularly starstruck the moment they saw Scooby. He’s a pretty large dog – probably the tallest dog I’ve ever seen in my life! And really friendly too, he even shook my hands and gave me a Scooby hug! When Scooby’s minder suggested a photo opportunity with the star, it was an offer we could not refuse!


I did hear one of the older kids ask Scooby where Shaggy was and the reply he got was that ” He’s sleeping.” Hmmmm maybe Scooby’s sidekick and the rest of the gang were chilling out in this familiar looking van that we spotted today on our way to the market! How crazy a coincidence is that!


It’s off to bed with my lemon water and more tissues! Till tomorrow everyone!
Scooby Dooby Doooooo!


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