Aldi and the blocks

Today’s title kind of sounds like it could pass of as a band name doesn’t it? Like Huey Lewis and The News? Danny and The Juniors? Well Aldi and The Blocks is not about a new band that I’m starting up but really about the amazing buildings that we saw on our walk after visiting the supermarket!

We headed out for a nice stroll around the neighbourhood where our local Aldi was situated.


It was pretty interesting to be able to take in the sights for once and not be rushing from one destination to the next. We passed by lots of really old looking buildings with beautiful architecture. There were so many to choose from but the ones that really caught my eye included this Love and Lewis one…


The Big Store which now houses a Coles supermarket ( I was told by someone before that the original store was much bigger than what remains)…


This gothic, eerie looking one which now houses a bar on the higher floors….


And the unmistakeable art deco details on this one which houses a Retravision store!


We ended our little stroll in a block of a different kind – the toy telephone box at the nearby library!


It’s a happy day whenever it ends with some play! Have a good one everyone!


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