Taking it slow

It’s not all fun and games being a stay at home mom. There’s always the housework or something about the house that needs tending to hanging over your head. That’s in addition to taking care of a somewhat curious and very mobile toddler.

I was clearing out the dishwasher this evening when suddenly I heard a light thumping noise behind me on the carpet. I turned around and saw Bugs crawling as fast as she could in direction. She had spotted the dishwasher and had decided that it was something worth exploring.


Naturally there were a couple of options open to me at this point. I could close the dishwasher and face the wrath of a very upset and angry little person who will then spend the next half hour trying her bestest to get to where she wanted to be. Or I could stop what I was doing and play along with her.


I decided to choose the latter option. Unloading the dishwasher really wasn’t that fun anyway so I decided to play along with Bugs. We spent some time fiddling with the little cutlery basket and spinning the wheels on the tray basket. Bugs was really pleased with herself when she saw that she could do that!


Next was a detailed inspection of all the intricate parts such as the part where you put the dishwashing powder in.


Our exploratory session ended with an impromptu drumming routine on the dishwasher door! Here’s Bugs really getting into the groove and drumming away with both her hands!



The dishes did eventually get unloaded, it did take me longer than usual to finish the chore. But I was really really glad that I took some time out to share this special moment with Bugs!

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!


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