Red, white and blue

Happy Bastille Day everyone! We were back at the NGV today to visit the Kids’s Corner! After a rather rough week with me being sick, the family and especially Bugs, deserved a special treat for being such a trooper over the last few days!


It was pretty apt that we visited the NGV today as the Gallery was running a huge Bastille day program from morning till midnight!


There were people dressed like soldiers from the Napolean era roaming the foyer. They were an easy target for photo opportunities from the visitors, us included.


And amongst all the other events that were going on, a huge craft station set out for the kids!


As Bugs was still a little too young for some of the crafts, she had a little help from Mommy who made her this Bastille Day badge she’s wearing in the picture below.


As always, we spent most of our time in that awesome Kids’s Space with our little empress and didn’t manage to stay on for any of the Bastille Day stuff.

But we had a lot more fun and saw more things than we’d expected! Which is a great way to start the weekend!



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