Mall rats

Is it Sunday already? Hasn’t the weekend just flown by? Especially when one is having fun! We had the chance to visit the mega huge shopping mall in Chadstone today. I was quite excited as it had been a couple of years since we last went there.


The place was incredibly huge! Much larger than what I’d remembered it to be! The Dude and I got a little lost amongst the rows of shops and had to refer to the directory quite a few times.

And surprisingly, the mall was pretty busy on an early Sunday morning. The Apple store was the most crowded store that we saw – there must be something going on that we were not aware of!


The mall had a swanky upper section filled with the latest in luxury stores. We walked as brisk as we could past this section. I think The Dude was secretly relieved when we finally exited the area.



All that walking and navigating our way through the maze of shops did make us feel quite famished when we reached home. It was nice to cap off out morning shopping expedition with a spot of yummy apple pancakes!


Another Sunday, another great day! Hope your weekend is going great!


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