Surprise surprise

“But mommy, I really want to play in the toy telephone box!” If Bugs could talk, it would probably be what she would have said.


Our visit to the library today had an unexpected turn of events. Instead of the usual quiet space that we were accustomed to, today the place was bustling with kids. Lots of kids. Older and bigger kids. Most of whom wanted to play with the toy telephone box as well.

It proved a little too tricky for my liking allowing Bugs to crawl near the coveted toy, with the other kids
clamouring to have their turn to play in the box at the same time. I tried distracting her with an amazingly large beaded toy but that did little to quell the desire to crawl into the box.


Finally after ten minutes of trying to prevent Bugs from being trampled on, I decided to pack up and head out for a walk before we made our way home.

We took a different route from the one we came by, passing a historic old court house….


Followed the grey stone pavement….


And found ourselves right in front of this building. We ducked in for a few minutes for a look see and discovered, to my absolute delight, that playgroups were held there on a regular basis! And there was one that would be perfect for Bugs to join!


Bugs was really quite miffed when we left the library but did cheer up considerably on our walk, especially after visiting the room in the building where playgroup would be held. Hopefully she has fun in this new playgroup. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out!


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