Same but different

The breadmaker has been working pretty hard ever since it entered our household. All thanks to the fact that we’ve been religiously baking a loaf of bread everyday (Seriously nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning!).

Boris (that’s the breadmaker) had to work a little harder than usual today when we decided that we’ll try out one of the recipes in the instruction book and bake a cake! Yes that’s right – bake a cake in the breadmaker! A banana and yoghurt tea bread if I had to be specific!


Apparently baking a cake in the breadmaker is not that much different from using an oven. The cake pan still needs to be lined, the ingredients sifted and measured out….


And everything dry and wet needs to be mixed together to form the batter.


I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best after I’d poured the batter into the lined bread pan. Hopefully this was not going to be a failed experiment.


Thank goodness it wasn’t! The gods (at least the culinary ones) were really on our side as this was what came out of the breadmaker an hour later! This perfectly golden rectangular block of cake! Hooray success!


The Dude was so impressed with the outcome that he spent quite a few minutes meticulously slicing the cake and taking quite a few shots of the finished product! There were so many pictures, I had to make sure I included at least two in the post to curb any potential photographer’s fury.



The cake tasted just like banana bread, probably not as sweet as the ones you find in cafes outside but still pretty yummy!


Life’s good when there’s cake to end the day! We’ll have to try out something else with Boris pretty soon – looks like it’ll be busy times for him in the near future!

Have a great day folks!


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