A lucky moment


It was a nice and sunny day today so Bugs and I headed out to the Yarra and found ourselves near the fabulous ArtPlay building!

The lady at the counter greeted us as we entered the building and asked us “Are you both here for the bubs workshop?”

“No…” I replied and quickly added, “Is the workshop full? Is there any space?”

“Oh! You’re in luck! Someone just called to cancel, there’s an open spot and the class just started not long, would you like to join in?”

Wow! How lucky can one get! I nodded my head eagerly and we were ushered into a dark room with a huge dome tent sitting in the middle of it. Inside the tent were a group of mums and their bubs and the facilitator of the workshop.

That’s the huge tent in the picture below, if you look closely to the left, you can also make out the montage of the unicorn filled with many flowers, a couple of which were made by us a few weeks ago!


We were to be led on a sensory journey, the facilitator explained to us. Specifically a sensory journey through the eyes and ears of your baby. A short sound clip was played and we were then instructed to head outside to the nearby playground to listen closely to the sounds which your baby might be listening to.


Bugs was a little taken aback with the whole dark tent and weird sound clip thing earlier so I chose a spot in the playground that had some calming sounds. Well kind of.

We heard a grandmother instructing her grandson in mandarin how to climb the big net maze. She was really detailed in her suggestions on how the boy could climb to the top.


This little pigeon was cooing near us as well. I think he must have thought food was nearby upon seeing a sudden influx of people into his space.


We spent a few more moments exploring different sounds in the nearby carpark. The workshop finally ended with a walk along the river and a pow wow back in that big tent.


I was not too sure if Bugs thoroughly enjoyed the sensory experience so we made a final pit stop to the NGV Kids’s Corner where she had a ball of a time crawling around the exhibits!

Oh I think I’m so going to miss these little daily moments that I get to spend with Bugs, especially when she grows older! Good thing I have this blog to remind me of them!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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