Fun with dough

Oh yay! It’s Thursday! One more day to the weekend! We were at playgroup today when one of the moms brought along a batch of freshly made play dough for the kids!

“You can make play dough?!” was my incredulous response when I learnt that the play dough was home made! How terribly clever is that! Ahhhhhh the things you discover when you have kids never cease!

We brought back a little batch of dough home and showed The Dude who looked as astonished and surprised as I was earlier on.


In case you are wondering what play dough feels like, it feels just like dough and less sticky than the commercial version.


The Dude and I were pretty eager to have a little fun with the play dough. We pressed a bit of it out on a table…


Got out one of our newly acquired cookie cutters….


And tested it out on the dough. The result – this perfectly imprinted purple moustache cut out!


We then each took turns trying the moustache on for size.



I think The Dude looks way better in a moustache than me or Bugs. Maybe that’ll convince him to grow a ‘mo this November! Guess we’ll have to wait to find out!


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