Culture club

Hoorah! It’s Friday! Shall we celebrate and indulge in a bit of art purveying? A spot of street art perhaps?

It’s pretty amazing what you can find if you look a little harder. Especially on lonely walls near alley ways, in quiet, unsuspecting corners where one would pass by without a second glance. Street art to me is often surprising, wildly creative and huge on self expression! I particularly live how it jazzes up a dull wall or corner!

So without further ado, I present to you our private collection of street art that Bugs and I have quietly amassed over the past few weeks on our regular walks!

A painted Bruce Willis and perhaps its Frank Woodley poster next to it? This looked so cool I just had to take a picture of it!


The one and only Bender- though he does look a little more grumpy and sinister here than on Futurama!


Is it a blue monkey with a mouth? I guess we’ll never know. It looks pretty impressive though!


Not far away from that monkey was this equally impressive looking gorilla! King Kong would have been proud!


A bevy of pretty ladies spray painted on a wall corner! Amazing!


It may look creepy at first glance but this paper figure with long dreadlocks is looking down at a huge stack of free magazines! Must be some marketing gimmick going on here!


It’s no secret I love cute stuff! Just had to include in this simple but effective giant cartoon we spotted today near the market!


Hopefully we’ll be able to spot a Banksy in the near future! I’ll promise to share if I do!


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