A brief distraction

Ahhhh Crochet! How I yearn to master the skill! Whenever I spot a pretty little pattern or two involving crochet, my heart skips a beat!

A pretty little pattern like these cute decorative crocheted circles that I found while flipping through a craft book recently!


They looked like such a quick project that I just had to try making them. So the knitting took a backseat for a few days while I began my little crochet journey.

The first few attempts at making the circles weren’t stellar. I struggled tremendously with reading the pattern chart. Finally after two failed attempts, I decided that I needed some help. From the wise old master Google.


Armed with a little more knowledge, I gave the pattern another go. The end product was starting to look a bit more decent! It made me feel confident enough to try out the leaf pattern in the book as well!


But it did not end there. I was already hooked! And bent on making the prettiest crochet circle. So this little brown one was my next creation….


Followed by this tiny pink one which I’d improvised (gasp!) on a recent car ride! I like how it looks like a little cherry blossom, think there’s still a bit more work to make it more presentable.


I was really encouraged by the little pink flower and continued improvising and made this little red one! A silky white button from an old shirt and a green crochet leaf completes the piece!


It looked good enough to be a brooch but I thought it would be best as a hair clip for Bugs! So a few squeezes of the hot glue gun later, Bugs’s brand new hair accessory was born!


The fingers are busy with the knitting now but oh boy do they itch to have a go at another crochet project! Hopefully it’ll happen soon!



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