A star is born

It was such a gorgeous and sunny Winter’s day today that it would be a real shame if we stayed indoors. So we headed out! Out for a little stroll in Federation Square and the nearby Yarra river!


Heading out early morning has its perks. For one, the city is still kind of waking up so everything is still nice and quiet. At least quiet enough such that you can take in the sights peacefully.


The Yarra was looking quite full when we strolled along the banks. We did wonder a bit where all the water ended up. To the ocean perhaps?


It looked like such a nice day for a river cruise but we thought we might shelf that activity till Bugs is a lot older. A seasick baby on a Sunday didn’t sound like lots of fun at all.


Back home, there was a little time after lunch which allowed me to squeeze in a few extra stitches and complete Sprout! Yes! You heard that right! Sprout, my charity knit, is now complete!


If Sprout looks kind of familiar, that’s because its the same pattern that I used for Sweet Berry Love! It was such a simple and fun pattern that I thought it would be good for this purpose! A few green star buttons that I found during a recent Lincraft trip complete the look!


There’s still lots of green cotton left over (its a pretty big ball to begin with) after finishing Sprout so I’ve decided to knit something else to accompany it!

Stay tuned to find out – hope your Sunday is going great!



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