New beginnings

It’s the start of a brand new week and I’m pretty excited as its shaping up to be quite an eventful one! Today, for instance, Bugs and I start our brand new playgroup!

Not that there is anything wrong with the one we regularly attend on Thursdays. We still frequent that one and love it to bits. Just that it’s really nice to have something within the week as well where Bugs can have fun with kids her age and I get the chance to meet new people!

We arrived at the venue and found the room bustling with activity. The little ones were crawling/ toddling around, exploring the many many toys scattered throughout the room. The moms were engaged in conversation.

Bugs did take a while to warm up – she’s a cautious little one, our little chicken. After a little bit of reassuring and a dangle of an interesting toy on her direction, Bugs finally relaxed and joined in the fun! Which gave me the chance to have a chat with a few moms, something I enjoyed tremendously!

It’s always a great day when you get to make new friends and the little one gets lots of play! Let’s hope the rest of week continues on a high!

Have a great day folks!



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