Five stars

If you’re in the market for a quick and easy muffin recipe like I was today, you can’t go too wrong with this five star member rated recipe from the Taste website that I found for some scrumptious banana and chocolate chip muffins!


Bugs and I are heading over to Cinnamon’s place for a play date tomorrow and I’d promised to bring something over for morning tea. It would have been much easier to duck out and grab a store bought dessert. But something homemade for a catch up in someone’s home seemed way more appealing! Plus it’s difficult to walk away from a recipe that contains chocolate chips! And a whole lot of it!


The recipe was so easy to follow that I managed to whip up a batch to bake in the oven in under twenty minutes! Oh of course I have to thank dear little Bugs for being a real darling while the baking frenzy was going on!

I love it when a recipe just works! The muffins came out perfect after twenty minutes in the oven, just as prescribed!


I managed to make 10 decent sized muffins out of the batter which meant that there was lots leftover to keep. That definitely brought quite a few smiles around the house this evening!

I’ll end off with a close up of those droolicious muffins! Hopefully the pictures inspire you to give the recipe a go! Be sure to let me know if you do!


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