A warm welcome

Bugs and I headed out bright and early to Cinnamon’s house for a play date! I’d been looking forward all week long as it had been ages since we last caught up!

It was a beautiful sunny day today and the roads were fairly empty which made the drive there extremely pleasant and faster than I’d expected!


While the kids were busy playing with toys, Cinnamon and I chatted over tea and muffins. Oh the joy of being able to have a conversation over hot tea is truly one of life’s simple pleasures! I was even surprised with a belated birthday present for Bugs halfway through our catch up!

We lingered around till lunchtime. Cinnamon kindly gave Bugs a taste of the yummy and nutritious fish congee that she’d lovingly prepared for her little one. It felt as if we could just hang out the whole day together. But the little ones were tired and due for a nap. So we said our goodbyes and promised to catch up in the very near future!

It’s always lots of fun when you experience a welcome as warm as the sun! Have a great day folks!


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