Social Boyd-terflies

Boy has it been a busy week so far! A new playgroup and a play date so far and it’s not even the end of the week yet! Well today there’s something else to add to the list – we checked out another playgroup at the brand new Boyd building in Southbank!


We’d been on the waiting list for this particular playgroup for almost half a year. I’d been searching for somewhere close to home to bring Bugs to late last year. This particular playgroup was one of the first that caught my eye. When I finally contacted the centre, I was informed that they had suspended all playgroup activities till the new building was up and running. Till now that is!

We entered this old looking, heritage listed building. A little sign by the door informed us of its origins and history. Pretty cool that it now houses playgroups, a library and various other government services!



Given that it was a freshly renovated space, it was not surprising to find the play area nice and new, with the smell of paint still lingering in the air. More importantly, every toy in the space was brand new! The variety of toys was pretty huge. From books and dolls to practical ones like this wooden mini clothes hanger….


and this appetising tray of wooden sushi pieces (the salmon and maki rolls look especially cute)…


Bugs was quite intrigued by the huge variety of wooden shakers and rattles on offer.


The baskets (yes there was more than one. Three to be exact) of plastic play food were also pretty popular toys for the day for Bugs. The crocodile puppet peeking out from the basket in the picture below did not enjoy the same amount of attention. She seemed quite concerned to learn that such a reptile was hovering so close to the plastic food and tried to fling it as far away as possible the moment she spotted it!


Our playgroup session ended with a simple storytelling and nursery rhyme activity which was a sweet way to finish off and say goodbye to the kids!

Yet another interesting day for Bugs, our little social Boyd-terfly!


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