Second chances

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated about how our gardening is going. The herb pots that we tried to grow a few months ago have sadly gone to the big garden shed in the sky.

We’ve erred on the side of caution gardening wise and purchased a couple of plants that had already gone way past the seedling stage to ensure a greater chance of success – a lemon plant that will only bear fruit in a year’s time (oh! The wait!) and a handy coriander pot.



I’d been feeling a little discouraged about my lack of green thumbs since those initial herb pots met their untimely doom till I chanced upon this book at the library.


It’s The Edible Balcony book! The same book that got me planting in the first place!

The book is such an inspiring read! I’ve only gone through the first three pages where Indira describes why she decided to start a balcony garden and already I feel pumped! With enthusiasm and hope for the future! A future where the (balcony) world will be covered in luscious green vegetables and herbs!

So at the market today, with my gardening passion reignited, a little of our marketing budget went towards the purchase of a couple of organic seed packets!


Fingers crossed that it works out much better this time round! Happy Friday everyone!


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