Arty party

Could opening celebrations get more fun than this? We visited the Arts centre precinct this morning after our regular trip to the NGV. The reopening of Hamer Hall celebrations was on! That together with Open House Melbourne running concurrently meant that the area was swarmed with lots of people. On an early Saturday morning!


A gigantic vase of Gladiolas had been installed in the open grass patch behind the Arts centre to mark the event! It was so quirky that you had to stop and stare at it and take a picture or two.


We made our way round the famous Art centre market stalls where there were lots of handmade craft items on sale.


While we were browsing through the stores, a giant mouth puppet popped out from Hamer hall and started to lick the people passing by with its equally large tongue! The ones that stopped to take a shot of the oddity copped the bulk of the tongue lashing!


Not far from the giant mouth was the giant nose sniffing its way through the crowd. The picture doesn’t tell much but this was taken right after the nose had hopped and cornered a passerby who tried to take a sneak photo behind its back! This nose really knows!


As we walked along, we spotted the gentle giant ear mingling quietly with a couple of kids….


And a very cross looking giant eye hovering close by! It looked so perturbed that most of the kids, except for a few brave ones, stayed away from it!


Our little jaunt around the Arts Centre ended with a spot of yarn shopping….


Where I picked up this gorgeous hank of hand dyed yarn in bright and pretty sunny colours! I think I’ve found the perfect pattern for it -can’t wait to get started, hopefully it’ll be very soon!



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