It’s art!

Inspired by our Arts Centre outing yesterday, the family indulged in a little finger painting today! The weather was decidedly grey and wet as well, which gave us even more reason to hibernate at home.


A mixture of cornflour and hot and cold water was what we used to make the paint base. Add a few drops of food colouring and voila! Home made finger paint ready for play!


It was Bugs’s first time dabbling in the art so naturally, she was a bit hesitant. Especially since the cornflour paint mixture wasn’t the most sweet smelling of liquids. She studied the coloured bowls of paint for a good ten seconds and decided that the electronic toy telephone was way more interesting than the weird smelling activity we tried to interest her in.


The Dude and I spent a few minutes messing around with the paint before clean up and here’s the end result.


Not exactly a Monet or a Picasso but it was lots of fun on a gloomy day like today!

Hope your day is filled with sunshine! Till tomorrow everyone!


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