Where the road takes us

“Let’s go for a walk Bugs,” I announced this afternoon an hour after Bugs had woken up from her nap. She seemed a little cooped up at home so perhaps a change of scenery might be exciting for her.

“We are going to take a stroll, to no where in particular.” I softly mentioned to Bugs as we stepped out into the cold. It was pretty chilly and windy. I cuddled Bugs to my chest as we plodded along the corridor.


“Oh look at that tree!” I exclaimed to Bugs, stopping briefly and pointing at the barren tree, “We used to play with it in the summer! Remember how I helped you reach for the leaves by carrying you higher? That was quite fun, wasn’t it?”


An extremely enthusiastic little puppy greeted us as we continued on our walk in the direction of the shops. Bugs smiled when she saw the puppy happily wagging its tail.


We walked past many shops, weaving in and out of a few which seemed a bit more interesting. There was the tantalising tea store and its exotic wares….


And the clothing shop with empty mannequins on display.


Our final pit stop before heading back was the Jam Factory foyer where the colourful glass ceiling captivated Bugs. The little one smiled widely and stretched out her hands in the direction of the star.


It was a simple walk but filled with lots of special moments. Moments which I’m going to miss when Bugs is older, thankfully she still has a lot of growing up to do!

Happy Monday folks!


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