Rough and tumble

Dinner was happily frying away on the stove when suddenly, there was a loud crash and a very angry series of grunts coming from the playroom.

We rushed in and this was what we found.


The circus tent had fallen over with Bugs still inside! We peeked in and saw Bugs sitting on the wall of the tent, looking pretty grumpy. A couple of soft toys which were in the tent as well must have fallen on her during the tumble and she didn’t look too pleased about it.

In fact she went on an angry sounding rant (in baby language of course) about how upset she was that Eeyore had failed to see that he was in the way and had hit her on her head. There were no tears, just lots of high pitched sounds coming out of the little one.

The Dude and I were a little bemused at the sight of Bugs’s reaction. It took us a little while to stop staring and spring into recovery action – ‘airlifting’ Bugs out of the tumbled tent and righting the tent back into position again. A quick check of Bugs assured us that grumpiness aside, she was otherwise all good.

Thankfully the cheesy zucchini and potato patties that we made for her dinner were delicious enough to distract her attention away from the incident! After a few bites, Bugs was back to her old happy self again!


Guess you can always count on good food to improve your mood! Happy Thursday everyone!

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