Iggy pop

Meet Ignatius the koala – my latest completed knitting project and the reason for the late nights I’d been having recently!


Ignatius is the perfect accompaniment to Sprout – the baby cardigan that I’d knitted for charity a month ago!

Ignatius was really quick to knit up. Things did seem to get a lot more interesting once the eyes were stitched on! The toy started to look a lot cuter!


It wasn’t completely plain sailing in terms of making Ignatius. The ears were probably the hardest bit of everything. It took me quite a few tries to get it right and stitched into place.


I did struggle a bit as well in sewing up the toy. As you can see, the seam is kind of showing on the back, despite many attempts to sew it better.


As they always say, nothing on life is perfect. I’m sure that teeny imperfection can be forgiven once one takes a look at that cute, adorable face!



Oh… I feel a bit conflicted now! Ignatius looks too cute to pass up! Should he stay or should he go? Will probably have to sleep on it to decide!

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