Coco loco

I love breakfasts on Sunday! There’s always a relaxed yet indulgent quality about it. Especially if we are talking about coconut pikelets!


This recipe was extra special as it came straight out of Bugs’s baby food book! Since Bugs had been steadily making progress this week, a fancy brekkie seemed like a great way to celebrate! Plus we’ve never had pikelets before – any excuse to try a new dish I guess!

Turns out the batter for pikelets is a lot stickier than pancake batter. Not wanting to mess around too much with the mixture, we decided to follow the recipe to the letter.


It didn’t take us too long to fry up the pikelets. They cooked a lot faster than the usual pancakes that we made (not sure why).


Taste wise, they were a lot fluffier and cake-like as compared to pancakes which pleased everyone to bits, especially Bugs who finished everything that was on her plate! Looks like we’ve found a winner with this dish!

Have a happy Sunday everyone!


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