Swashbuckling fun

Oh I am very excited that I can finally share this post, now that the recipient has got the gift! Meet Jake the tiny pirate – my little in-between projects knit! Here he is on board the origami paper boat that was part of the gift package!


Jake was a surprisingly speedy knit -two hours in total, sewing time included! Oh if only all knitting projects could be that cute and quick!


Even before the eye and eye patch were stitched on, the tiny toy was already looking mighty adorable!


The arms were a little tricky to thread through the body. It took me quite a few tries before I finally got it right.


Here’s Jake – all completed and small enough to fit into the palm of a hand! How cute are his tiny legs! Especially the wooden one!


Just to give you an idea of how small Jake is, here he is standing in front of our coffee mugs , searching for some water to drink!


I did feel a bit reluctant to part with Jake. But knowing that he’ll be going to a very good home did lessen the separation anxiety considerably. Plus he was so fun to make, I might make a few more of his buddies to keep!

Hopefully he’s helped to chase away your Monday blues!


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