Stash buster

Many many many moons ago I joined a sock club. “What’s that?” you ask. Well it’s basically a subscription to receive limited edition, one of a kind hand dyed sock yarn in your mail monthly for three months.


I had just caught on to the knitting craze and the idea of receiving a surprise in the mail (you don’t get to choose the colours of the yarn upfront) sounded pretty exciting. Kind of like getting a Christmas present every month for the next three months.

The sock club came and went. The yarn that was sent sat buried deep within my big yarn stash bag. Till now that is.

With help from The Dude, we rolled up the very first skein of yarn from that sock club for the next knitted project – a lovely pink and purple merino wool named “Fable”.


It took me a little while to get used to knitting with such fine yarn on such tiny needles. The yarn is so pretty -I’m admiring how the colours subtly change as I go along!


I’m knitting this as carefully and slowly as I can. It’ll take me a little longer but hopefully I can complete this by the change of the seasons!


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