Cheap and cheerful


It was absolutely pouring buckets today and extremely windy. Bugs and I braved the rain and cold and sucked out for a short moment to the nearby fancy Thomas Dux grocery store for a look see.

The place is filled with lots of exotic goodies like these really yummy liquorice….


And lots of baked goods like these delicious looking apple pies!


I was quite tempted to get a pie and a box (oh especially a box) of liquorice but they were a little out of our budget. So we headed back to the warm comforts of home to play with the squeaky toy hammer that we picked up from the $2 shop……


And snack on some homemade dark chocolate and pecan cookies that The Dude had made over the weekend!


These cookies were seriously delicious! We’ve been rationing our daily consumption of the batch of 12 so that they last out the whole week. I’ll have to convince The Dude to make more once they run out, something tells me it won’t be that difficult to persuade him!

Happy hump day everyone!


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