Rainbow relief

It’s been a pretty long and rough day for all of us today. Now that everyone is tucked in bed and fast asleep, theres finally a bit of time to get down to a spot of blogging.

Bugs has been going through some major teething issues which have been bothering her quite a bit. I took a peek inside her mouth when I had the chance and discovered (to my horror) that a few of her teeth, including a nasty and huge looking molar were erupting at the same time. No wonder the poor little chicken had been feeling a tad grumpy!
No one can be cheerful through all that pain!

There did seem to be a brief change of mood when the sun came out after the storm. A tiny smile did appear when I pointed out the extremely faint rainbow that had formed in the distance after the rains.

The smile lasted as long as the rainbow. It was short but it was good to know that the old cheerful Bugs was still there somewhere!

A rainbow a day makes the pain go away – here’s hoping we’ll get to spot another one tomorrow!


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