Frankie’s twenty

I was flipping through a old library copy (I heart the library) of Frankie this evening when I chanced upon an interesting article.


It was a feature which got a handful of celebrities like Myf Warhurst to state twenty significant or interesting things that had happened in their life in the past year.


Pretty cool idea huh? Sounds like a really great way to capture your memories while they are still kind of fresh in your mind! Anyway I thought I’ll give it a go so here’s my twenty:

1. Started a blog
2. Bought a real Christmas tree for the first time in my life
3. Really understood the meaning of sleep deprivation
4. Bought a bed and finally slept in it after 6 months of holding Bugs and sleeping sitting up on the couch.
5. Ate sashimi for the very first time after 14 months of going without.
6. Made a giant pear and a tiny pirate.
7. Saw Bugs roll, crawl and stand for the very first time
8. Got The Dude hooked on baking.
9. Moved house.
10. Started gardening
11. Visited the hairdresser for the first time in 13 months.
11. Did charity knitting
12. Went on our first family holiday
13. Baked Bugs’s first birthday cakes from scratch
14. Discovered that frosting makes everything seem a lot more delicious and pretty. Especially the cream cheese kind.
15. Realised that paper crafting is fun but I’m not as talented as my cousins in it.
16. Discovered the joys of the libraries (both books and toys)
17. Fell in love with the Pontipines , Wottingers and the Tomblyboos
18. Made new friends
19. Felt more confident in my new role as a mom compared to the same time last year
20. Melted when I heard Bugs say “Duck” (her first word) and “Mama” for the first time

Phew! This was much quicker to complete than I’d expected! Hope you enjoyed reading my list!

Have you thought about your twenty? What would you put on your list?


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