Where the wild things are

We visited the city today to run some errands and participate in a bit of Mali spotting!


A total of 50 elephant sculptures (named after the Melbourne zoo’s little baby elephant Mali) had been commissioned to celebrate the Zoo’s 150th year! These elephants have been very recently ‘released’ into the city and are sprawled across several landmarks. Finding out where they are located is all part of the fun of this unique art installation!


Our first stop was Fed Square where we spotted three Malis -the two in the pictures above and this one with a knitted fabric for skin! Amazing!


Bugs was particularly enthralled by the pink elephant outside the cathedral…


But not so much by this leopard/cheetah one designed by the famous Graeme Base aptly named “Night and Day”.


As we walked along the street, a few more Malis came into sight!



This sparkly, shiny elephant was probably the most popular of the lot. You can’t help but stop and stare at it, especially when the mirrors are reflecting the sunlight!



The last elephant we spotted today was this bronze one right across the tram tracks from where we were!


9 Malis today, 41 more to spot! I wonder where the rest could be!

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