Tips please!

It’s been almost a month since Bugs and I started the new Monday playgroup. I’ll have to say I’m quite enjoying the experience!

Joining a playgroup is such an interesting experience. You get together in a room with other moms and their kids, all of whom you’ve never met before. There’s the initial introduction of names ( both yours and your kid’s). And then the conversation begins.

Its amazing how parenthood opens up a wide range of topics for you to chat about. From sleep habits, to eating and the perennial favourite swapping of birth stories, there’s always something that you can share about, even if it’s as simple as how your day is going.

The best parts of playgroup for me are seeing Bugs having fun in a new environment and learning new things from talking to the other moms! Through our conversations, I’ve picked up breakfast ideas for Bugs, learnt of new play centres, remedies for the common cold, strategies to encourage walking and useful recommendations for good family doctors! Pretty cool huh for a couple of hours of chit chat a week?

Here’s a tip that I picked up from one of the moms – always have a duplicate soft toy on standby when the main one is washing. Shhhhhhh promise not to tell Bugs that the toy in her hands in this picture is a temporary substitute!



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