Sprout takes flight

It was D-Day today – the day that we decided to hand in my charity knits. Early this morning, I spent a little time getting ready for the trip.

Sprout the baby cardigan and dear little Ignatius the koala were carefully packed into a plastic zip bag, together with some extra yarn and buttons, in case they needed a little mending in the future.


I was really very reluctant to part with Ignatius. It took a bit more effort than usual to create him and I was quite fond of him (who can resist a face like that!).


But I reminded myself that someone out there could really use Ignatius much more than me so Bugs and I gave him a little cuddle and kiss and continued packing.


Also included in the package was this cloth bag that I’d handprinted a few weekends ago. It seemed like a handy thing to have to carry everything which was why I packed it in.


The drive to the drop off did take us a bit longer than expected due to traffic. Bugs was extremely patient and cheerful despite the long ride, which was really nice to see and very much appreciated.


The ladies who accepted my charity knits were really friendly and we spent a little time talking about Sprout and especially Ignatius. Before we left, we were given this pin as a souvenir for being someone’s guardian angel! Super cool!This pin is sitting proudly now on the little bag that I store all my knitting bibs and bobs in!


Hopefully Sprout and Ignatius brighten up someone’s day – I’ll never know but I’m glad I had some hand in making it happen!



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