A tale of two adventures


Wow! Is it Wednesday already? The week seems to be just whizzing by! Well, Bugs and I went on a bit of an adventure today near the Yarra river! First up on our itinerary was some Mali spotting!


We found three more elephants located pretty close to each other by the river! Yay! More to cross off the list!


I especially love this vibrant blue one located near ArtPlay. Sadly the information about the artist printed on the metal plate had been washed away by the recent heavy rains.

This Australian animal themed one was quite popular with a group of tourists who were exploring the area on this gorgeous sunny day!


After elephant spotting, we headed indoors to the one and only ACMI – the Australian Centre for Moving Images.


We were greeted at the door by one of the volunteer guides who suggested we check out the free Screen Worlds exhibition at the ground level.


I was absolutely blown away by the exhibition which was about the history and evolution of film and video in a nutshell! There were lots of interactive displays to entertain – Bugs had a ball playing with some of the exhibits! We headed back with a little souvenir from the gift shop – a special flip book of our images that animates as you flip through the pages!


We’ll have to revisit the ACMI with The Dude! A family flip book sounds like such a great memento to have!

Have a fantastic Wednesday folks!


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