Just a little bit orange

Today’s post is about the evolving taste buds of the little gourmet in the house. It’s been ten months since Bugs began her journey into the world of solid food.

Things had been pretty positive from the start. The first taste of rice cereal was met with some apprehension but that quickly changed to “Yes I want more!” after the second bite. We faced similar outcomes as we introduced bananas, yoghurt, apples and a whole variety of other types of food to Bugs. “This is easy,” I thought to myself naively, “Baby will eat anything we feed and sit contentedly in the high chair, just like those advertisements on tv!@

And then Bugs turned one. Gone were the days when feeding was a breeze. Instead mealtimes now involve chasing the speed crawler/ dodger around the house to shove a few mouthfuls whenever the opportunity arises. Unless its something (foodwise) that takes her fancy, otherwise be prepared to get a good workout squatting and moving around on your knees to get a few bites in!

Enter this plate of pumpkin risotto. I’d been trying out different recipes recently to try and whet Bugs’s appetite. This one seemed to have hit the nail on the head for Bugs was willing to sit down ( and stay in the same location) for the duration of the feed! Any recipe that produces something that interests Bugs is definitely a winner in my books!

There was a bit left over so The Dude and I had some to taste – so sweet and creamy, no wonder it was a hit with the little one!

I’ll have to make a huge batch the next time round so that everyone gets to eat it!

Hope your Thursday is going great!


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