Winding down

It’s late in the house now and everyone’s asleep. Everyone, especially the little one.

When you’re very little and have teeth trying their best to poke through your gums, it’s no wonder that you find it difficult to sleep. Or wake up feeling somewhat grumpy. Which kind of sums up how Bugs had been feeling (I think) over the past couple of days.

The Dude and I have been taking turns the last few nights in what we now dub as “The Night Watch” to rock Bugs to a gentle and hopefully deep slumber. We’d been expecting to perform our usual routine tonight but amazingly, Bugs was so tired out from the day (and probably the last few nights) that she fell asleep within minutes of lying on the bed!

Perhaps the teething pain had finally subsidised? Whatever it was, it gave me the opportunity to sneak in a few minutes of knitting, something I’d hadn’t done in days!

What a perfect way to wind down after a tiring couple of nights! Happy Saturday everyone!



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