Maple delights

Oh how I love Sundays! It’s the best day, really, to have pancakes smothered in maple syrup for breakfast and morning tea!


Speaking about maple syrup, I had the chance to try out a brand new baking recipe with it as a key ingredient – a batch of nutty hazelnut cookies!


These cookies were special on a couple of fronts : One – they involved hazelnuts, which The Dude loves to bits (due to its close association with Nutella). The picture below shows the dry mixture of ground hazelnuts, flour and baking powder.


Two- the cookies contain no other sweetener except for the maple syrup. Which makes it kind of healthy I think! Thumbs up for that! Here’s how the cookie dough looked just before rolling and cutting.


The cookies didn’t take that long to bake. The moment we smelt the faint nutty smell wafting from the oven, they were ready!



We wasted no time in sampling a few while they were still hot from the oven, just so we could taste if they were still delicious despite having no sugar in them.


The result? Three words –Yum yum yum! Wow! Who would have thought using maple syrup could produce such delicious cookies! Nutty and not too sweet- its the perfect after meal snack, especially if you’re watching your sugar like we are!

We gobbled a few more to go with our tea…


And packed a tiny bag for The Dude to share with his work mates.


I took a peak into our cookie jar after dinner and there weren’t many cookies left (four to be exact)! Looks like I’ll have to bake these again in the very near future!

Have a lovely Sunday!


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