Hands down


At playgroup today, we were invited to get creative and engage in a spot of arts and crafts to create a special card for dad for Father’s Day which is not too far away!

The cards were created simply with paper, glue, paint and glitter. Bugs was extremely cooperative as I quickly painted her hand and printed it on the paper.

While Bugs was busy entertaining herself in her new found ride….


I took the opportunity to quickly sprinkle on some glitter and glue some paper on the card in an attempt to jazz it up.


Ok not the prettiest card I know, especially with the glue streaking down the sides! I did put this together with one eye on Bugs to make sure she was alright sitting in the toy car. Hopefully The Dude loves it, in the meantime, I’ll have to think of a present to go with that card. Hmmmmm I think a trip to the craft shop is needed very soon!

Hope your day is going great!


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