Simple times

Blogging everyday can be quite challenging. For one, coming up with something interesting to write about daily is sometimes difficult, especially if your day is filled with mundane chores and errands, nothing exciting to shout about.

Finding a few quiet moments in the day to pen your thoughts is also an issue when the little one requires heaps of attention and looking after. Which is why the blogging normally takes place after the household is asleep and just before my bedtime.

I had a look through the pictures I’d snapped today (I frequently take photos to remind myself of what happened in the day) for inspiration for today’s happy moment and came across this gem.

It was a shot of Bugs giving her best pal Eeyore a kiss while playing on our bed. The bed is her newest play area now. She adores the fluffy blankets or “marshmallows” as we call them and loves lying on them. We’ve even seen her practice standing on the bed and then falling over with a chuckle! But as usual, the biggest hugs, squeals and kisses are reserved for Eeyore whenever he is in the house!

It’s such a delight to see the little one as happy as she can be!

Have a happy Tuesday folks!



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