Medal tally

Ok I’m going to try something new here and cover something we’ve been working on over the past two days. That should count as two posts, yes? A little naughty I know, but hey this is a blog, no need to get all serious and stuff!

With Father’s Day on the horizon, Bugs and I made a special trip to the craft store and got a bunch of materials to make something special for Dad – an oversized medal made out of a paper plate, paper, crepe!


The idea for this craft came from something similar that I’d seen recently online (I’ve been busy researching Father’s Day crafts you see) and our experience at the NGV making that Bastille Day badge sometime back.

With everything laid out on our special craft splotch mat, the first step was to get Bugs’s handprint onto the paper plate. This sounded easy but it was really tricky getting Bugs to stretch her palm out and then prevent her from smearing paint over her face! It was a bit of a struggle but we got there in the end!


We then glued crepe paper to the rim of the paper plate to make the border of the medal…..


and decorated the face of the medal with some pompoms and foam stickers.


The final touch was to cut out some paper ribbons and stick to the base of the medal face with some sticky tape. Here’s what we made for Dad after twenty minutes of crafting!


But the crafting didn’t stop there! We brought our craft supplies down to playgroup today for the kids to make medals for their dads too!


I was a bit nervous when explaining to the kids what they would be making and it probably sounded confusing as well. Thank goodness the moms were there to help guide their kids through every step of the way! Here’s what the kids made by the end of playgroup today!



I think The Dude is going to be pleased with his medal! Hope the other dads love theirs too!


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