Exciting times

“Buzzzz buzzz….” I was in the room packing away the clothes when this strange sound suddenly popped up. It seemed to be coming from the living room. I decided to investigate and this was what I found.


“Bugs!” I exclaimed, “How very clever! You’ve figured out how to turn on the radio!” Bugs has been really busy practising her standing and toddling skills very recently – something that The Dude and I are extremely pleased about!

“Now before you start attacking the tv remote, shall we go for a walk?”

I scooped Bugs up into the baby carrier and off we went on our exploration, this time to the far end of the street, where we rarely visited.


There were quite a few opp shops located in that area so I couldn’t resist stepping into them for a quick look see. This gorgeous retro vanity table in almost mint condition was on sale for a hundred dollars – a real bargain considering how unique it looks!


We also spotted this unique sculpture made out of teapots! Sure makes you want to have a cup of tea after looking at it!


But probably the most exciting thing we saw on our walk today was this sign…


Hooray! And just in time for the warmer weather! I’m pretty sure we’ll be visiting the area again soon!

Have a great Friday everyone!


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