The house of fun

We’ve been heavily utilising our toy library membership, with a visit there to pick up new toys every other week. It’s a really great place to get a large variety of toys for Bugs to explore and play with!


We visited the toy library today and carted home what I can safely say, was the biggest toy we’ve ever borrowed in our lives – this toy house structure thing!


The toy was so huge, it couldn’t fit into the boot and only just into the front seat after a couple of tries!

But all that effort sure paid off for Bugs was absolutely enraptured with it the moment she laid eyes on it! She spent lots of time exploring the various parts of the toy from the little flower pot at the door…


To the big sun wheel right at the top of the house !


It seemed as if she could not get enough of the toy for whenever I went into the room to check on her, more often than not, she was busy fiddling with some part of it!

Good thing we get to keep it for a few weeks! I’ll have to think hard about what to do to distract Bugs when we finally need to return it!

Hope your weekend is going great!

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