In a day’s work

“How was playgroup today?” The Dude asked me this evening over dinner.

“It was great!” I replied, “Bugs did lots of stuff, I think she had fun!”

“Like what kind of stuff?”

“Well, she played with some wooden puzzles….”


“That huge IKEA bead toy that we borrowed from the toy library sometime back….”


“Spent a considerable amount of time exploring the potted plants in the outdoor area…”


“Washed some plastic vegetables in the toy sink….”


“Tried her hand at cooking with some sand….”


“Played in the plastic outdoor castle for a bit…”


“And finally,” I concluded, “Took a slow drive around the sand pit in the toy car!”


“Wow!” The Dude remarked, “Someone has been a very busy little girl!”

“A very busy and tired little girl,” I added as we brought Bugs in to bed for the night.

A big day indeed for the little one, hope your day is a great one too!


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