Fun in the sun

What a sunny day it was today! We were back at the NGV today for a brief visit and decided to head outdoors to the sculpture garden to revel in the good weather!


Isn’t that an interesting looking chair? It was quite comfortable to sit on too, great photo opportunity aside!

The other cool thing that caught our attention was the giant ball made out of metal and rope – kind of like a set of cylindrical monkey bars, very cool indeed!


Since Bugs was a huge fan of water fountains (she gets extremely excited at the sight of one), we spotted one massive one across the road from the Gallery and headed there for a look see. Can you spot the rainbow in the corner of the picture?


The famous floral clock was not too far away so we stopped by as well to admire what must have taken many hours of intensive gardening and dedication to create.


It’s always fun in the sun! Oh I can’t wait till summer arrives! There’ll be lots more to do then!

Hope your day is going great too!

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