Japan story

A long time ago (I exaggerate, in reality it was three years ago), The Dude and I spent a few days in a ryokan (Japanese guest house) to escape from the stresses of daily life.

Only thing was that this ryokan was located right in country Victoria – very unusual but it meant we could save on airfares and still get a little taste of Japan.

I was recently reminded about the lovely green tea shortbreads that were served to us upon arrival at the ryokan and decided to make some similar green tea cookies for snacks! Except that these cookies were sweetened with maple syrup and rice syrup! Yeap it’s healthy cookie time again!


Making cookies always thrills me, especially the bit about deciding which cookie cutter to use. A little bunny head cutter was what I finally decided on this time round!


Add a couple of holes on each head for the eyes….


Twenty minutes in the oven and our batch of green tea bunnies were done!


Best served with tea, green or otherwise!


P.S : Here’s the link to the recipe for those green tea shortbreads we tried years ago! Thanks Shizuka – they were deliciously great!


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