A taste of summer

It was freezing cold today in Melbourne but that didn’t stop us from having a sneak peek of what the warmer weather would be like, food wise that is!

The Dude headed to the market early this morning and brought back this….


A mango! Oh how we have missed this tropical fruit! Especially Bugs! Surely this must be a sign that summer is on its way?

While Bugs feasted on her ripe, juicy mango, The Dude and I got busy chopping up some hazelnuts….


To add into some homemade chocolate ice cream!


Eating cold ice cream on a cold Winter’s day sounds a bit strange but it was weirdly refreshing!


Let’s hope that this is a sign that the weather will get warmer as the weekend approaches! Especially since Father’s Day is just round the corner!

Have a great day folks!


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