B is for….

Birthday! And Bestiary (More on that later)! It was The Dude’s birthday yesterday so we invited a few pals over to blow out the candles and chomp on some doughnuts!


Bugs and I made a very special present for the birthday boy earlier in the week which we presented to him yesterday – a one of a kind hand painted mug!


This present was a combined birthday and Father’s Day prezzie. The red dot is really Bugs’s thumbprint while the bigger green dot belonged to The Dude who left his mark on the cup and did not see how the design would be like.

Bugs the red dot holds Daddy’s hand and a yellow string which leads to a colourful balloon which is what is printed on the back of the mug.

I’ll admit I’m totally terrible at painting – the outcome looked quite amateurish. But surprisingly The Dude loved the gift to bits! It’s his go to coffee cup now in the morning! There’s even talk that it might go with him to work to be shown off!


To celebrate Father’s Day, we headed out to the fabulous ArtPlay today where there was an Alphabet Bestiary exhibition going on!


Each of the letters had been created by artists in conjunction with kids of various ages in recent art workshops. I’d remembered this event as I’d wanted to sign Bugs up for the one where they were creating the letter “B” but she is still too little to attend. Here’s what the kids (and their teddy bears) did for that workshop – very cool indeed!


Scattered on the floor was a play area with a few giant 3D felt letters….



And felt shapes to decorate the letters with. This was my attempt at jazzing up the letter “E”…


I can’t take credit for this funny and impressive looking letter “O”! It was done by one of the parents who was also visiting the exhibition the same time as we were.


*Phew* So that’s what we’ve been up to this weekend – lots of fun and cake! I’ll count this one as a double post and sign off with a picture of my favourite letter of the alphabet from the exhibition! Till tomorrow everyone!



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