Breakfast of champions

Hooray! It’s the first week of Spring! Goodbye winter! It was kind of fun having you around but I think I’m a bit happier to see longer days filled with lots of sunshine!

Since spring is in the air, I’d thought I try out a new recipe I’d found in a baby cookbook – banana bran muffins!


It was really timely that I chanced upon this Annabelle Karmel recipe as I was running out of breakfast ideas to feed Bugs. We’ve tried cereal, fruit, yoghurt, pancakes, pikelets and toast so far, with the latest craze being oatmeal porridge. But Bugs had recently indicated that she was keen to move on and explore new tastes – goodbye oatmeal and hello something different!


I love that these muffins are high in fibre – from the bran flakes (shown soaking in milk in the first picture), bananas and whole meal flour and low in sugar! Perfect healthy breakfast treats for growing little bodies!


We did sneak in a taste test of the muffins after dinner, just to make sure they were cooked through. Very yummy indeed! Bugs finished her portion which is a sure sign she approves of it too!


With breakfast over the next few days sorted, all I need to do now is to get to sleep! Till tomorrow everyone!

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